Episode 11-2 February 2020 Community Mailbag

It’s time for some grins, everyone!  

Our community is SO awesome that we have enough questions and feedback every month to spend an entire episode of the having a ton of fun answering them on air!   Best Easter egg in a game ever?  Should the Christian gaming community be worried about the new “I am Jesus” title?  What ripoffs of games are BETTER than the games they actually ripped off?  These are just a FEW of the questions we answer on this first-ever Mailbag Episode of the HSG Podcast!!!   Speaking of Easter Eggs…“Stay a while, and listen!”

About the Author…

MadKingBob – Founder / Sr. Editor

Still clinging desperately to the title of ‘Second Worst Gamer’ at the 1992 Sandusky, Ohio Arcade Festival, he has hung up his dreams of E-Sports in favor of embracing the freedom that comes from not having to win all the time. Although when he does win, it’s pretty sweet.

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