Episode 011 – Take THAT, Sponsors! (feat. Grateful94)

AKA “I’m the captain now!”

On this episode, MKB attempts to take T-Rex’s signature catch phrase and is savagely punished by losing his host privileges for the entire episode.  Our guest Grateful94 from the HSG community joins us as we cover highlights of gaming’s biggest news!

Everyone is looking for Xur…EVERYONE.   Fortnite makes less money than last year, but somehow manages to earn more than some actual countries.  Will Apex ever make a top 10 list anywhere?  Next-gen console information from Playstation and a discussion of the recent next-gen Xbox leaked images.  Games with Gold, Playstation Plus titles, and a featured segment about not buying in to hype and playing what YOU want to play.  By the time we’re done, you’re gonna be stoked about your new gaming freedom.

Get on this crazy train with us!  No camels were (severely) injured in the recording of this episode.

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