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The many and increasingly awesome episodes of the Higher Score Podcast!

  • Episode 11-2 February 2020 Community Mailbag

    It’s time for some grins, everyone! Our community is SO awesome that we have enough questions and feedback every month to spend an entire episode of the having a ton of fun answering them on air! Best Easter egg in a game ever? Should the Christian gaming community be worried about the new “I am Jesus” title? What ripoffs of games are BETTER than the games they actually ripped off? These are just a FEW of the questions we answer on this first-ever Mailbag Episode of the HSG Podcast!!! Speaking of Easter Eggs...“Stay a while, and listen!”

  • Episode 011 – Take THAT, Sponsors! (feat. Grateful94)

    AKA “I’m the captain now!” On this episode, MKB attempts to take T-Rex’s signature catch phrase and is savagely punished by losing his host privileges for the entire episode.  Our […]

  • Episode 010 – Holiday Buyer’s Guide (feat. NovaktheNoble)

    In this episode we tackle the big subjects…you know, what is the future of Google’s newly released Stadia platform, is Valve really going to grace us with another Half-Life title, […]

  • Episode 009 – ShadowSleep-Less Nights (feat. SocialGeekScene and WorthyWallE)

    On this episode of Higher Score Gaming, the XII's Social and Worthy join us for some highly informative shenanigans. We round up all the reasons we're losing precious sleep over Bungie's first major content release in Destiny 2 since their separation from Activision. Let the game subscription battle commence! Games with Gold adds more games, Playstation Plus hits hard for the second month in a row, drops its price on Playstation Now, with streaming (Take that, Stadia!). We package all we know so far about why Gearbox may or may not deserve your fandom, and as always, we go to the mailbag to answer your questions, and disclaimer: No children were mauled by bears during the recording of this episode.

  • Episode 008 – Looter Shooter 2019 Faceoff!

    AKA 'Unpopular Opinions' In this episode we unpack Destiny 2's upcoming expansion, Shadowkeep and contrast it with Gearbox's Borderlands 3. You may have enough money, but do you have enough time? For those of us who don't have enough of one of these, a choice must be made. We are hoping this episode helps you make yours! We also go to the mailbag and tackle a series of questions from our community on some of our favorite things plus we take a hard look at capitalism. YAY! Join us for this episode. The fun never ends.

  • Episode 007 – It’s Better Together

    AKA “The episode that has nothing to do with James Bond” News Features: The Nintendo “Bait and” Switch, coming soon, only one calorie! Cortana Runs Rampant No More Turbo Grafx […]

  • Episode 006 – E3 Cliff Notes (feat. Keni Hill and HeavenWalker)

    AKA “Time Travel Ain’t Easy” Buckle Up!  In this episode, the HSG Crew makes its most ambitious offering yet, as we break down ALL (not a typo) of E3 in […]

  • Episode 005 – E3 Speculation Fest (feat. streamer Keni Hill)

    We go WAY BIG on this episode and dive deep into this year's state of gaming and the hype wars that will continue to intensify as we approach E3 2019 in just a couple short weeks. Is Sony playing 'silent but deadly' or just throwing in the towel before the match starts?

  • Episode 004 – The Loot of the Spirit

    In this episode, T-Rex takes us through the low points and lower points of Microsoft’s new offering the XBox One All Digital Edition, Epic Games Acquires Psyonix, and the Steam […]

  • Episode 003 – Emulator Ethics and Hype Fails

    In this episode we have TWINS! Two main segments, because they were just too good to pass up. In the news we cover: more scandalous Anthem discoveries, the EA Layoff, […]